larry paul

larry paul is an award-winning artist who creates pencil, Prismacolor colored pencil, and mixed-media works of art. His art bears a talent that currently includes multiple series’ of numbered “experiments” embracing impressionistic realism and abstract expressionism drawing styles.

Regarding the Work

larry paul’s subject matter varies to include some of his favorite themes. In what he calls a thru things® concept, he portrays old, decaying doors, windows, and other openings in and along buildings and structures that offer interests of patina beyond their age alone. Sometimes, façade-centric or bustling urban street scenes become the preferred subject, some of which the artist will sign his work using his earlier LP Frey moniker.

The artist also has a fascination with the philodendron plant with its beautiful, complex and massive leaves, and its ability to afford depth of contrasting light and shadows. The essence of sunsets and volcanic skies are deeply inspired by frequent visits to Anna Maria Island and Cortez, Florida, or his gazing at the backdrop of the glowing Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawai’i where he served as a ranger for Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. Finally, his abstract active “angry” thematic drawing expressions can be interpreted in different ways by the observer and present bold, emotional movement, erratic and involved expressive tone, and strict color contrasting and overlapping.

Larry Paul’s Studio

The Creative Art Studios gallery is located in St. Petersburg’s Old Northeast, and was specifically designed for creating the fine art of LP Frey and larry paul. A former garage apartment, it was completely gutted, and the ceiling raised to over ten feet in height. Room walls were knocked down to create an airy environment; wall space for hanging art was a main design priority to reveal his prolific manner. The studio also retains its residence components including a kitchen and bath. A giant wood art table, easel, and shelving were made from the early 1900s subflooring materials that was a brightly colored old sign. larry paul not only created a hanging sculpture to recognize the subfloor’s artistic value, he has since created giant lizards as wall hangings from it, with some installed as far away as Phoenix, Arizona.

The Creative Arts Studios gallery contains over 1,000 books on Art, Design, Florida History, Poetry, and Landscape Architecture. Being surrounded by books is as inspiring as the walls of art. The artist utilizes the dark hours of the evening to draw, often working throughout the night, while researching and framing during the day.

Studio Tours Welcome

Artist Larry Paul Frey

The Creative Art Studios is open to anyone who wants to be inspired by a true working art studio, and to research an art topic. To purchase a creative work or simply to be inspired by a visit, larry paul welcomes anyone who appreciates art or has an interest in the creativity process.

Contact Me

See Gallery page for pricing information. Click on icons on artwork on Gallery Page for information on individual artworks. Please send an email to schedule an appointment to to talk about creativity or art, or to take part in a free creativity lesson.

“Art…compensates for our flaws: our forgetfulness, our loss of hope, our search for dignity, our difficulties with self-knowledge.”
– Alain de Botton & John Armstrong

Art and Creativity as Therapy
for High Spectrum Autism

A discussion on using the foundation of art and methods for using creativity to ease my experiences with Asperger’s in order to find purpose and hope, even after late diagnosis of the disorder. Your experiences are truly welcome.