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larry paul is an award-winning artist who creates pencil, Prismacolor colored pencil, and mixed-media works of art. His art bears a talent that currently includes multiple series’ of numbered “experiments” embracing impressionistic realism and abstract expressionism drawing styles. He is currently from Bradenton, Florida. He currently works out of his self-designed studio.

Regarding the Work

larry paul’s subject matter varies to include some of his favorite themes. In what he calls a thru things® concept, he portrays old, decaying doors, windows, and other openings in and along buildings and structures. These human-made objects offer interests of patina beyond their age alone. Sometimes, façade-centric or bustling urban street scenes become the preferred subject, some of which the artist will sign his work using his earlier LP Frey moniker.

His monotone and color plant and philodendron models make an attempt toward realism. larry paul has also recognized the chaos of 2020 with a series of Black Lives Matter expressions. The artist’s Angry Thematics series has been a long-standing subject for him. These outwardly expressive strike very bold strokes and color compositions.

The sought-after Anna Maria Island sunsets series offer a bold interpretation of the island and its beauty, but in an impressionistic/abstract  manner. The same can be said about his Hawai’i Volcanoes interpretations, which are the result of his experiences as a Park Ranger for the popular national park there.

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Most of the artist’s works are available for sale sn original, artist proof, or limited edition print (1-9). See the Shop or Gallery pages  for pricing information. Click on the icons on the artwork image on the Gallery Page for information on individual artworks.

“Art…compensates for our flaws: our forgetfulness, our loss of hope, our search for dignity, our difficulties with self-knowledge.”
– Alain de Botton & John Armstrong

Art and Creativity as Therapy
for High Spectrum Autism

On the Blog page, larry paul shares a discussion on using the foundation of art as therapy for individuals who struggle with high spectrum autism. Methods for exploring creativity to work specifically with Asperger’s are included to both work with Asperger’s and the creative mind, even after late diagnosis of the disorder. Your experiences are truly welcome.