Shopping Terms & Conditions

Artwork typically takes from a few days to sixty days to receive. The Artist is not responsible for postal or delivery delays or damage. Customers are provided with a tracking number. An order can only be cancelled before an artwork is shipped. Damage to an artwork during delivery should be processed according to the insurance provided. Also, please contact the Artist for additional instructions. 

Artist Contractual Points: 

  1. Ownership. Once paid in full, the Purchaser owns the Artwork(s), with all standard rights and privileges of such ownership. The Owner may resell the Artwork(s) without consent of the Artist. When selling an original larry paul Artwork, the Artist recommends contact information of the Prospective Buyer, if said Prospective Buyer agrees. The Owner, and any subsequent owner(s) may market and display the Artwork(s) for gallery, art festival, and other public and private showings without notice to, or consent of, the Artist; however, the Artist retains the right to market the Artwork(s) and its Artist Proof and limited print editions (up to 10), as well as, digital images that may increase the value of the Original Artwork(s). At the approval and convenience of the Owner, the Artist may, on occasion, request handling of the original Artwork(s) for shows/festivals, gallery, and other public/private showings, not to exceed 31 days total per calendar year. The Artist bears all costs for such handling and retains full responsibility for the Artwork and frame when in his possession. 
  2. Copyright. The Artwork is considered copyrighted by the Artist. No alterations shall be made to the Artwork, as purchased, except for matting and framing. The Owner may not make copies of the purchased Artwork or resell such reproductions by any means without the consent of the Artist. Restorations may be made only by the Artist at the Owner(s) request. 
  3. Art Quality. Each Artwork is a fresh production. This means that the artwork media and medium surface are subject to change from age, light, staining, moisture, loss and/or shifting of pigment and graphite, color changing, luster changes, etc. The Artist is not responsible for such changes to the Artwork(s). 
  4. Frames. Included frames are not of high quality and are provided at no charge; please ensure that they are properly fastened to prevent failure. larry paul takes no responsibility for frame/fastener failure.
  5. All sales are final. All shipping includes insurance during shipping.