“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”

– Emerson

The artist works in his studio named Creative Art Studios, which he originally founded in 1988. The current works of larry paul present seven experimental series utilizing two drawing styles described in The Artist’s Perspective section. Since December 2018, he has produced over 100 numbered “experiments” of individual artworks using Prismacolor colored pencils, inks, and graphite. Much of his work derives from the outdoor and built environments, though much inspiration comes from a collection of his original photographs taken since the 1970s.

While the Gallery Page provides a discussion of the artist’s use of Abstract Expressionism and Impressionistic Realism for his broad stylistic over-brush, the seven series he currently works with are fluid. An additional subseries titled Time Era 2020 expressing the year’s state of affairs (i.e., Black Lives Matter, Covid-9, riots, etc.) is also being created under the Angry Thematics series.  A discussion may help to better understand how each series fits into its respective style.

Series 1

  • Series 1, Thru Things®, presents an impressionistic realism quality focusing primarily on architectural openings. Both color and monotone drawings are considered. The preferred composition is usually offset corners or close-ups of decayed areas. Interior ghost shapes are a bonus.
Thru Things Exp 60
Philodendron Exp 40
Philodendron Exp 40

Series 2

  • Series 2, Philodendrons, presents an impressionistic realism quality focusing only on the philodendron leaf. Only monotone drawings are currently created. The natural beauty of philodendron leaf is, according to the artist, similar in beauty to the best models of the Master’s.

Series 3

  • Series 3, Plants, presents an impressionistic realism quality the conjures up  a purposeful realism, but without committing to any hyper-realism result, with highly-recognizable elements. “Plant Exp 73”, found-In the Gallery-Page is a good example of this type of realism.
Plant experiment 73
Anna Maria Island Sunset Exp 43

Series 4

  • Series 4, Anna Maria Island Sunsets, presents an abstract expressionistic quality with an overlapping and abutting color technique that contrasts and brings together at the same time. The typical colors are easily inspired wild coloration of sunsets and open water. There is a rather “angry” application method in creating these artworks as noted in some frenzy in the strokes.

Series 5

  • Series 5, HAVO-Hawai’i Island Volcanoes, presents an abstract expressionistic, harsher, more ominous color scheme with vivid color spotting as if black, ever-present, silhouettes what is bright. Lava and the volcanic landscape can inspire pressing and dynamic movement.
HAVO Kilauea

Series 6

  • Series 6, Cortez Fishing Village, also presents an abstract expressionistic style that attempts to capture slightly tangible elements of traditional fishing village arrays. Scotch tape is sometime added for effect. The beauty of a fishing village is that it benefits from the colors of sunsets, as well.

Series 7

  • Series 7, Active “Angry” Thematics, presents an abstract expressionistic style and is the earliest rigid Modernistic style for larry paul. Some have referred to these works as a form of “angry art,” perhaps due the artist’s use of art as a form of therapy for autism, or as part of his method of “attacking” the blank drawing paper or Bristol board with pencils waiting for instruction. However, the artist does admit that he feels an energy and sense of balance in letting the colors express themselves on the paper.
Active Angry Thematic 27

The artworks under the early LP Frey moniker present black and white urban street facades and scenes, also from the artist’s photo collection. The medium is common pencil grades. These pieces represent a photo-realistic quality and reveal a complexity in technique and form that often take several weeks to complete. These artworks have won numerous awards including two Best of Shows, several First-place awards, Awards of Excellence, Purchase awards, and other awards and recognitions.


  • B.A. in Liberal Arts from The University of the State of New York
  • Master’s of Arts in Urban Design from the University of Florida
  • Doctorate in Historic Preservation and Architecture from the University of Florida
Colorful 2.1

Though Dr. Frey temporarily set aside his artistic endeavors by the early nineties, he has now re-emerged with boundless creativity that appears to transcend his earlier creations. The full-time artist works out of his self-designed studio in St. Petersburg, FL, which also serves as a gallery. The artist’s work is found in several private collections.

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The Artist's Perspective

Abstract Expressionism

larry paul’s abstract expressionistic drawings are more subjective and highly personal. They can be subjective and freer in providing deeper experiences from places of both high physical interest interacting with the right side of his mind.

Though many of these abstract artworks are referred to as, esoterically speaking, “angry thematics,” the artist suggests a simpler eye-to-hand coordination that results when applying and removing texture without too much thinking. The titles of the four current series, as well as, the 2020 Time Era drawings found within this style allow the observer to set a beginning framework to understand the artwork, and then follow with his/her own interpretation.

Impressionistic Realism

larry paul suggests that his impressionistic style scenes use mostly mixed color blending, but highly modified by an erasure technique. It is this erasure that allows the artwork to reveal elements of negative space, reflected, and “thru” light.

The artist’s works in this style are fairly easy to understand, and have the quality of a good natural reading, however, fall short of any hyper or truer realism in that, while they can be visually congruous, reveal a softer, yet at the same time rougher texture to them that is unique to his personalized realism styling.

Both styles reflect a dirty composition that leaves all details of the drawing process on the media surface. This way, the observer can see part of the process of the drawing such as scale grids, notes, smudges, errors, tears, paper edges, etc. The full sheet of medium surface is also included and becomes part of the art. According to the artist, an artwork is truer and more complete when revealing these qualities instead of cleaning them up for final presentation. Erasure, irregular perspectives, and unusual compositions are important elements of each style that give his drawings a certain edginess and friction. The closer one looks, the more poignant this edginess reveals itself.

The artist uses a finely detailed and freestyle attack application method with bold and blended contrasting that allow the media to partially form its own two-dimensional texture as it is laid out according to a peculiar sense of perception, depth, tone, and balance. He refers to a “natural hand” with the media as it gives shape somehow by itself into recognizable form, and where the texture and final reveal just kind of do their own things.

Also, according to the artist, “artistic” balance can be a subjective gift that does not intend to constrain itself to accepted norms; instead, his own feeling of balance in a modernist, two-dimensional presentation serves as an amenity to the art that speaks well to both craftsperson and casual observer in occasional imbalanced states. He adds that no one likely has an inherent right to what is to be finally said about a creative piece of art.

Both LP Frey and larry paul artwork is found in several private collections.